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Howdy everyone, my name is Kiara, a born and bred country girl living it out in good old Western Australia! I thought I'd take the very first blog spot to say hello and how I cam to be doing what it is I do... 

So where it all began, I was born is a small country town south of Perth, Western Australia. My father was a shearer and before I knew it I was swinging a floor broom in the shed along side what I would cal l the "big kids". When the season was on we shore sheep and when the season was done we drove tractors, headers and trucks. it was a wonderful way to grow up and one i would never change. 

Life was simple, I think that is what I enjoyed about it the most, we learnt to work hard, the value of things and the value of life. How to grow stuff and raise animals and look after the land. We barely wore shoes, I remember having feet like leather, so tough that the double gee's wouldn't go in! Well at least thats what I thought ahaha. We swam in dams, trying to avoid putting our feen on the bottom for fear of having a yabbie latch onto our little toe! We spent time putting aorund the paddocks in the old Holden ute while my cousing tried to teach me to drive, well... we got bogged and walked home. it didn't matter, one tractor and we were outta there and on our way.

The days were long picking grapes for pocket money so we could go to the local show only to waste it all on the Gravatron and spend the next 4 hours spewing up! Yes, only to do it all again the next year! The fun we used to have. 

The communities are something special, one GIANT family, we all lived at each others houses as kids, got busted but other parents and I can guarantee you mum already knew what you'd got up to well before you walked in the door to try and weasle your way out of it! 

I spent up to the age of 14 living this way, then bigger things called and off to the big smoke we headed! Well was I in for a shock... Things were nothing like I knew and that is putting it lightly and the one thing that sticks to me like glue was my very first day of school. "what do you mean, do I have a timetable... where am I supposed to be?.... form room... whats that?" and away we went. Fish outta water, let me tell you! The city kids were so different, they didn't talk like me or about anything I talked about. It took some settling in but hey it wasn't too bad, let just say I had a few come back home with me on the holidays a couple of times and loved every minute of what I knew to be "life". 

In year 10 I was handed one of those old cameras and thats where it started.... although not straight away, I had a bit of life learing to do first.

After graduating Yr 12 it was off to... wiat what, more school! yes you heard it here first... Accounting (what the.... Why) I love numbers and that lead me into a world some would ask "what's wrong with you" I had unleashed something that I had no hope in stopping even to this day. I LOVE to learn new things, this is now the result of 2 bachelors, 1 masters, 4 diplomas and 1 advanced diploma and all of this dragging me back to to only thing I love more that photography, the agricultural world.

I completed my accounting advanced diploma in the conventional manner as most would say sitting at that desk with all the other pupils. That was the only time I that... nope never again, the rest I did in the unconventional manner. bachelor traveling the kimberley region in a livestock truck...

..........the other bachelor from a cattle station in Queensland.....

................a masters degree from a cattle station in the Kimberley, Western Australia.....

and the rest somewhere remote, I couldn't actually tell you ahaha!

So, how in the world did I get back to what you all know now as Miss K Photography and another very well known rural blog of mine, Following the Cattle Carter? I picked up my very first DSLR camera on my first trip bush as we call it, we were off to the Kimberley, Broome to be exact, I was SO... EXCITED!!! after all I'd never been any more than about 3 hours north of Perth so this was a big one for me and to top it off, we were driving! Some may cringe at the very thought of 3,000 plud kilometers in a vehicle. We got going and a just click click clicked....the whole way! 

I spent most of the first season in the Kimberley either with a uni book or a camera in my hand and I loved every second of it. 

Wait up... next stop Marlborough, Queensland coast. From one end of OZ to the other and again, I never left that homestead without my trusty Canon D600 only a rookie in the photography world but it got me started I remember walking away from that place with around 16,000 landscape, cattle, helicopter and people images, i still go back through them regularly.... I loved that place. 

A quick trip to the NT... blew my mind... and my camera... I didn't even know where to point my lens! 

Back to Perth for a bit where I started shooting for family members and working out what all the weird settings were on my camera and why onl earth I'd need them! many black and white squares later, I worked out they were all fairly important. I was determined to learn on my own and that I did with lots and lots and lots of errors let me tell you!

Off to the Pilbara for a stint well what do you know, camera came too! This is where I learnt that red dirt is really great to photograph.   

Back to Perth again where I did a few more shoots for family and friends and compared them to my first lot, gosh had I come a long way in this time but I still wasn't there yet! 

Time to head back bush... Kimberley country was calling again, not witout an upgrade though. Canon 7D Mark II packed away we went! Oh mate... now this was where I really got to explore but youll have to wait to hear some of these stories. 

I'm now back based in Perth however head back to the Kimberley every year, one thing I will say, that counrty certaily grabs your heart and as far as im concerned, that will always be home to me.. where the blue skies meet the harsh outback and exquisite landscapes. The rolling storms and rushing rivers in the wet season there really is nothing quite like it. 

I spend my time chasing cows and capturing moments.... and learning... always learning... 



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